Training Branch of West Bengal Police shall continuously strive to emerge as the best Training Administration by achieving Highest Excellence in Training activity of the Department, with and for, all stakeholders.


Training Branch of West Bengal Police is committed to Promote Excellence and Best values by -

  1. Focusing on Human Resource Development through Training, based on Training Needs Analysis, and scientific temper so as to provide required knowledge, skills & attitude to the trainees.
  2. Building Police as a professional service to provide prompt, humane, honest, accessible, participatory, and empathetic police service which upholds the rule of law, and thereby encouraging transformation from POWER ORIENTED TO SERVICE ORIENTED policing
  3. Formulating appropriate Training Strategy and Methodology to meet future challenges.
  4. Fostering cooperation, coordination and collaboration amongst different stakeholders to fast forward achievement of the accepted vision.
  5. Making Training and its administration as the most sought after Activity for trainees, trainers and for other stakeholders.


Training Branch of West Bengal Police shall -

  • Facilitate basic training, pre-promotional training and In-service Training for different ranks of West Bengal Police and others
  •    BY
  • Imparting knowledge of related subjects, familiarizing with required skills to use the acquired knowledge and by attitudinal orientation
  •    THROUGH
  • Indoor, outdoor, practical, self study and mentoring activities which develop the culture of
  • Resulting in training and its administration generating self sustaining interest of all participants
  • Cherish, support and strengthen the values for which the department stands for.