Joining Instructions for Basic Training Courses
  1. Date, Time & Place of Reporting:

    [Here Date, Time and Place of Reporting are mentioned before commencement of a particular Basic Training Course].

  2. Duration of Training:

    [Here during of a particular training is mentioned].

  3. Documents to be brought:

    1. Proof of Identification: Voter ID Card/PAN Card/Adhar Card etc.(in duplicate)
    2. Appointment Letter issued by the Competent Authority (original)
    3. Passport size photograph: 4 (four) copies.
    4. Release Order / Last Pay Certificate from the previous post (in original), if any.
    5. Bank Account Details (copy of the first page of Bank Passbook).

  4. Accommodation:

    As the training is residential, free accommodation will be provided by the Academy for the trainees during the training period. There is no family accommodation available for the trainees. All trainees are required to stay in the campus and dine in the mess.

  5. Expenditure for messing:

    Mess will be run by the trainees themselves. Candidates are advised to bring sufficient fund to meet up the expenditure for at least one month (approx. Rs. 5,000/-).

  6. Clothing:

    The Academy will not provide uniform articles. The trainees will bring their uniform (police uniform, Muster Parade Uniform, PT Dress, Winter Jacket Cardigan, Jungle Shoes, Ammunition Shoes, Office Shoes and other accessories relating to police uniform and PT Dress) issued by their appointing units for the purpose of training at the Academy. Any clothing not issued by the parent units, if required, may be procured by the candidates. Candidates are advised to keep a reserve of Rs. 1,000/- to meet up such expenditure.

    Note: Bermuda, Jeans, T-Shirts, Skirts, Sneakers, Slippers etc. are not allowed during training.

  7. Security of Valuables:

    The Academy has no arrangement for safe custody and security of valuable articles. The trainees are advised not to bring any valuables with them. However, trainees are required to bring the fund required to meet up the initial expenditure of messing.

  8. Brining of families:

    Family members may be allowed only at the time of joining. Otherwise, families are not allowed during the training. The trainees are advised not to bring their families and accommodate them in the Academy or any place in and around Academy campus.

  9. Casual Leave and Out Pass:

    Trainees are not permitted to avail any leave during the training except in extreme circumstances. No Out Pass will be allowed for the trainees except on Sundays when no outdoor activity is planned.

  10. Discipline:

    All trainees attending the course will be subjected to the strict norms of discipline of the police.

  11. Medical Fitness:

    Trainees should be medically fit in all respect to undergo strenuous training. A recent Medical Fitness Certificate should be produced at the time of joining. Pregnancy will be a bar on training.

  12. Location & Postal Address of the Academy:

    Mangal Pandey Uddyan (Latbagan), Near Chiriamore, Barrackpore
    Nearest Railway Station - Barrackpore,
    Distance - 03 (three) kilometers (approx.)
    Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy, Mangal Pandey Uddyan (Latbagan),
    Barrackpore, Kolkata - 700 120.

  13. FAX Number of the Academy:

    033-2592-0488 / 033-2592-3703

  14. Contact Person with Mobile Number:

    Chief Law Instructor (I), SVSPA, WB, Barrackpore [9073344261]
    Chief Drill Instructor (I), SVSPA, WB, Barrackpore [9073344262]