Director’s Message

It gives a great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy. The academy strives to provide quality training to the policemen of West Bengal as well as to some nearby states. Training makes a young man or woman as a police personnel, ready to take on the enemy and at the same time care for the people. Training of police personnel is different from training of a soldier as the job descriptions are different. However, a policeman is a soldier as well.

The attitudinal change that we try to bring in during the training, transforms a graduate from university to a fine Police Officer. The police being the first responder of all internal troubles, need to collect intelligence, keep vigilance, take preventive steps, react to occurrences, take up investigations, follow up trials, look out for recidivism, care for the weaker sections, live with the people and live up to expectations of the people. In a democratic country the role of police is very important in establishing the rule of law.

However, the image of police in the eyes of people had always been very low. This continued perception about police since colonial era needs to be changed. People should look up to the police as friends to the society and police should also change themselves from enforcement oriented police to service oriented police. Policing is one of the essential services the society expects from the Government. The policemen are the visible face of the Government.

Peace and prosperity go hand in hand. We at the Academy strive to achieve the motto of West Bengal Police and Kolkata Police by providing quality training to produce fine police officer who will be on the service of the people.

I am hopeful that this website will be useful for the policemen of West Bengal and other States and also to the general public to learn more about police, policing, police training and will guide young minds to choose policing as one of the attractive career options.

Satyameva Jayate.

K. Jayaraman, IPS
Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy,
West Bengal, Barrackpore.